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And let's go...

1. I know registration is closed but my friend blah blah blah is there any way blabbity boo please it would really mean yada yada...

No. Once registration is closed that's it. No more. End of story. Why do we close registration? First, the total number of runners is capped by agreement with the park. Second, individual events may be capped to limit trail erosion and congestion. Ever run a 10k trail race with 400 people? Chaos. 

2. Can I get a refund? I registered for the _____ but I found out that my sister is getting married (again) or my boss scheduled a team building weekend at Chuck E. Cheese or my toe hurts...

No. This event raises funds for two local non-profit organizations. Shirts, aid station supplies, traffic control, port a pots, medals, etc... All of that cost cash. We understand life can get in the way, injuries happen and such. Please do not ask for a refund as we will not offer one.

3. Can I defer my entry? I registered for the _____ but I found out that my sister is getting married (again) or my boss scheduled a team building weekend at Chuck E. Cheese or my toe hurts...

See the answer above regarding refunds. The same principle applies here. We do not offer rollover on entries.

4. Can I bring my dog to run with me? 

Look, we get it. We have dogs. And we love them. Dogs are awesome. But not everyone loves dogs. Some people are afraid of dogs. We may not like those people so much but we understand. If you want to bring your dog and someone can take care of it while you run and it is on a leash then the answer is "Yes". Now if you have a baby goat we need to talk...

5. Can you mail my shirt, medal, award... to me?

No. Again, charity event. Not gonna do it. We will hold all shirts left over for 30 days. After that we assume you don't want it. Then we will try to sell it to someone else and in turn give that money to our charities. Awards will be kept until the next event. 

6. Can I change shirt sizes?

Maybe. Up until the shirt order is submitted you can change the size. The shirts are not gender specific. Once the final order is submitted you get what you get. Our race shirts are tai-blend so no shrink.

7. I lost my bra at the race. (true story) Can you mail it to me?

No. See above. All lost and found items will be collected after the race. We will post photos on our Facebook page. We will hold them for 30 days and then donate or dispose of them. 

8. Can I change races? I signed up for the ___ and want to change to the ___.

Yes. That we can do. If you want to move down in distance we can handle that at packet pick up. There is no refund though (see above). If you want to move up in distance just bring $15 cash for each level to packet pick up and we will take care of it for you then. Please note that once the 10k is full no more runners will be allowed to drop to that distance.

9. Can I transfer my registration?

Yes. Bib transfers will be accepted until 10 days before the race. However, once the final shirt order is submitted the new runner gets the size you requested. Contact us for a transfer. 

10. Will the race be cancelled if it rains?

No. Unless maybe it is a 1,000 year flood. The start was delayed an hour or so one year due to a severe storm with lightning. We will run in the rain but not lightning. So we just wait for it to pass by and then we go. 

11. I can't make the packet pick up. Can I get it on race morning?

We really, really, truly prefer you make it to packet pick up at the shop. If you really, really truly can't make it then you can get it on race morning. Packets for all races not picked up the day before will be at the 25/50k start on race morning from 5:30AM-6:15AM. After 6:15AM you are out of luck. What that means is you need to allow time to park, maybe stand in a line and get your stuff BEFORE the race briefing begins. 

Contact the race admin team at

wareaglerace @ gmail dot com